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How should we choose UV inkjet printer ink? _Identify consumables

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
In the printing process of UV inkjet printers, the difference in inkjet printing effect is related to many factors. Among them, UV inkjet printer ink also has a certain influence on the effect of inkjet printing. The concentration of UV ink is also the coloring power of UV ink, which reflects What comes out is the degree of ink dispersion and the degree of pigment content in the ink. The concentration of ink is affected by factors such as pigments, binders, fillers and additives. The higher the degree of pigment dispersion, the higher the concentration of UV ink; the higher the pigment content in the ink, the greater the concentration of ink. To put it simply, the ink density of UV inkjet printers is large, the printing hue is darker, the amount of ink consumed in printing is relatively small, and the ink quality is also good. On the contrary, the printing hue is lighter, and the amount of ink used during printing is relatively small. The ink color is relatively light. Why choose UV ink for UV inkjet printer ink? One is that the UV ink does not emit any volatile organic compounds during the printing process, and the printing site and surrounding environment are not polluted by toxic and harmful organic solvents and have excellent environmental protection performance. The second oily ink contains a large amount of organic solvents, and the solvents are potentially harmful during production. Since UV inks do not contain organic solvents, the residual toxic substances on the surface of the printed matter are greatly reduced, and it is easier to meet the product hygiene and safety requirements. UV ink jet printing has already formed a trend, coupled with the increasing environmental protection awareness of our people, UV ink fully meets the requirements.
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