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How about high-speed inkjet printers? What are its advantages?

by:Arojet     2021-07-28
The current identification technology is all around us. And a large part of the manifestation of marking technology is in the scope of industrial application. As a result, the complexity of logo printing has also begun to increase greatly. This makes the logo an indispensable part of the current industries. So what about the high-speed inkjet printer we are familiar with? The high-speed inkjet printer can realize online and offline product coding for you, so that each product has the traceability. What are the advantages of high-speed inkjet printers? 1. Piezoelectric nozzles on demand. The nozzle has a long service life, stable performance, and is suitable for large-scale industrial production. The maximum printing width of a single nozzle is 54mm (8 nozzles can be installed) 2. The printing speed is fast. The accuracy can reach the highest 1200DPI, and the printing speed can reach 150m/min. 3. Using UV ink, professional imported UV ink jet printing, green and environmental protection. There are many suitable materials, and it can be printed on paper, stickers, metal boxes, PET, PE, PP and many other materials. 4. The control software has a wide application range and is easy to operate. 5. The special ink supply device guarantees printing continuity and stability. The high-speed inkjet printer is one of the representatives of technical products in the marking industry, and it can not only deal with the coding needs of variable data. It can also print on multi-color patterns. Of course, the application of high-speed inkjet printers is a constraint on manufacturers and enterprises, and it is the promotion of responsibility and the promotion of corporate image. For consumers, it is a guarantee of quality and the dependence of consumers on products.
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