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Household chemical QR code printer improves product comprehensive attention


Household chemicals, which are scientific and chemical products that people use for daily use, including shampoo, shower gel, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, etc. The demand for China's daily chemical market is extremely large. Of course, it is essential to apply to the Household chemical QR code printer. The inner and outer packaging of the product must be coded, such as date, barcode, QR code, serial number, LOGO, etc. There are many variables, and because of the special shape of the daily chemical industry, the types of packaging methods are various, and the required coded equipment can be used to easily print the surface of any material of the household chemical products, and the printing is beautiful.

With the improvement of living standards, consumers purchase more daily necessities, and the quality requirements for daily chemical products should be higher and higher. The first thing is to be safe and reliable, and not harmful to human health. This requires that the household chemicals QR code printer can ensure that the printing information will not affect the product quality, safety and beauty during the code-setting process. Because the daily chemical products spraying code machine has clear and long-lasting printing, high automation program and flexibility. Strong advantages, for many years, inkjet printers have been widely used in the household chemical industry.

Various forms,poorly encrypted, consumer group diversity and wide sales area, all are the characteristics of household chemical product, therefore, for end-users, it is necessary to have an anti-counterfeiting method that is extremely difficult to copy and recognize to stop making fake and fake sales;Easy to identify, difficult to destroy,Consumers can distinguish between true and false in an intuitive and easy way without the limitation of geography, conditions and technical understanding.

Beautifully designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of daily product packaging quality.The household chemical QR code printer can realize the mutual benefit and win-win situation of the printers of the coding mark equipment manufacturers, the fully automated production line suppliers and the daily chemical enterprises.

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