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Arojet Daily Chemical Products Spraying Code Machine Improves Production Efficiency by a Large margin


The market demand of China's daily chemical industry is very strong, jet code is indispensable in the daily chemical industry. The internal and external packaging of products should be jet code, such as bar code, two-dimensional code, pipeline number and LOGO bar code. There are many variables in the jet printing content. Because of the special product form in the daily chemical industry, there are various types of packaging, which requires the selection of code-assigning equipment. Can be competent for daily chemical products of any material surface easy printing, and spray printing beautiful and generous. Daily Chemical Products Spraying Code Machine is a kind of equipment for marking by software control. With the continuous development of the industry, the packaging of jet printer is becoming more and more. Therefore, the technology of using jet printer to code food packaging is constantly improving, with more and more functions, as well as the technical content and built-in text and other software. It's getting stronger and stronger.

Because of the advantages of jet printer, such as clear and lasting handwriting, high automation program and strong flexibility, it has been widely used in daily chemical industry for many years. With the improvement of living standards and the enhancement of people's purchasing power, the quality requirements for daily chemical products are getting higher and higher. The first thing is to be safe and reliable, not to be allowed. Harmful to human health, this also requires that the Daily Chemical Products Spraying Code Machine can ensure that the printing information does not affect the quality, safety and beauty in the process of assigning codes, so that the clear and unique "code" on the label of the daily chemical products can be clearly marked, while the sales of beautiful products can be increased in trade sales, it can also realize the anti-counterfeiting traceability of the daily chemical products. Series of difficult problems, Arojet provides a comprehensive solution to the code-jet.

Arojet has been advocating "innovating to win the market, patent layout in the future", and has nearly independent patents, which provide strong impetus for the rapid development of Arojet. Its independent research and development of industrial inkjet printer has stable and reliable performance, advanced technology, high cost performance ratio, and fills the market demand of domestic jet printer. It has simple operation, more excellent comprehensive performance, can greatly improve production efficiency, can meet the high-speed spray code application of daily chemical enterprises, spray printing bar code, two-dimensional code, electronic supervision code, spectrum code, rainbow code, etc., to facilitate traceability and anti-counterfeiting identification.

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