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High-speed large-capacity drum paper inkjet products

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
< P > the global market research and strategic consultancy, digital image and document processing win shipping company released ideas about the development trend of printing in 2008. Win the boat company, analysts predict 2008 printing of several major trends are: production of color ink jet technology, the rise of transactional promotion file and mounting of the 'green revolution'. 2008 will become a high-speed large-capacity drum inkjet paper product is popular in the year. A new generation of inkjet products will be with myself in speed, productivity, quality, compatibility and operation cost of substrates such as advantage caused extensive concern of printing service providers, and will be for sheet-fed digital printing and offset printing market have a profound influence. Win shipping company director Jim Hamilton said: 'last year, by winning the ship company launched a transactional promotion summit has aroused the interest of the industry, whether the dealer, or the file owner, to the promotion and business function in one of the new printing file is full of curiosity. 'Analysts predict, people focus on environmental protection technology and the sustainable development of the printing industry will continue until 2008. Print service providers will be through the adoption of recycling paper, reduce carbon emissions and measures such as planting trees to realize their green promise to customers. Digital printing system dealers will also be focused on digital system has the advantages of environmental protection and green image of the enterprise itself. Of course, the government issued the laws, regulations and policies will continue to play an important role in the process of the development of the printing industry. < / P > < P > < / P > < P > < / P >
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