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High-speed inkjet printing market _ screen to enter the United States

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
On November 7, 2012, American time screen ( The United States) Company officially has rich experience in the industry of images' veteran 'Allen Eric aronson ( AronAllenson) Have to sell experts joined the high-speed inkjet printing system sales team. Responsible for the sales representative of industry products need to rely on expert support, to ensure the quality of customer service. Eric aronson has up to 20 years in the field of sales, marketing and rich practical experience of project management. Subsequently, Eric aronson will be optimized together with screen sales experts screen Truepress series high-speed inkjet printing system sales patterns and marketing activities. He was able to correctly identify sales opportunity and establish business relationship with decision makers. At the same time, he will also support to shape the sales team in the customer to product quality and relevant performance ability, help screen company by mainstream technology expand the customer base. Eric aronson background including technical sales, business development, product management and product management of color printing equipment manufacturers and service providers. Early in his career, once R in New York. 年代。 罗森鲍姆 Co printing company, printing technology has the rochester institute of technology bachelor's degree in management. Keyin network
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