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High-speed inkjet printing equipment with on-demand printing printing market _ high-speed inkjet printing equipment, on-demand printing, printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
The development of science and technology to promote the continuous development of printing technology, high-speed inkjet printing equipment to realize the transformation from concept to products, the realization of his greatly promote the development of on-demand printing. High-speed inkjet printing equipment is undoubtedly drupa2012 show shine, from concept to product, it has attracted printing bosses sound impressive. HP, kodak, oce, Fuji, konica minolta digital printing film giants during the exhibition launched their flagship product, Heidelberg, global group, komori, Tokyo, palace waist machinery, such as the traditional printing machine dealers also exhibit the ink-jet printing system of its research and development of new high precision and has won the global printing professionals a burst of applause. Idea and the technology of both mature, make industry rekindled, on-demand publishing interest and concentrated outbreak in 2012. So, we see that the order of the phoenix media group expensively integrated high-speed inkjet printing equipment and many post-press equipment article of Asia all attachment continuous inkjet POD system full production in 2012. Relying on the production line, the phoenix media group has successfully signed more than 40 heavy press, nissan books more than 20000 copies. Phoenix media group's success is just the beginning, and dongguan DaLang and Beijing jinghua tiger color, in China's Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and bohai sea economic belt has each have a large traditional printing enterprise using high-speed inkjet printing equipment to carry out print-on-demand printing business, if coupled with just to printing industry as IT companies IT company, our country has high-speed inkjet printing equipment to four. Make us more happily, the domestic high-speed inkjet printing market in 2012. Founder electronics pour of jie eagle P5200 after market constantly break-in, the printing speed, print quality and other technical level there has been a breakthrough, almost tend to be. In November 2011, jiangsu phoenix introduce domestic inkjet printer, opens the trip to China's high-speed inkjet printing. In 2012, tiger color group, DaLang, it digital printing company successively the choose and buy more of ink-jet printing system, to develop on-demand publishing market. All this is more effective promote the orderly development of high-speed inkjet printing technology in the domestic, for the better development of digital printing in the Chinese market laid a solid foundation, set up the model. Since the ink jet printing technology in drew 2008 made landfall, four years for the mature development of the technology provides plenty of time. 2012 high-speed inkjet printer in terms of performance but also has improved significantly, however, no matter how about the performance of high-speed inkjet printing machine itself, for the end user, they will always be the print itself. 1200 dpi resolution has become the necessary requirements of high quality high speed inkjet printing, the image processing technology make up the inherent defect of inkjet technology with ink and media to improve, making the current high-speed inkjet printing quality improved significantly. It should be said that on the specific media, high-speed inkjet printing quality has been completely can compete with traditional printing. Of the application of high-speed inkjet printing technology in the market, mainly books and periodicals printing and commercial printing is given priority to, label printing and packaging printing. As the technology matures, the market for the recognition of high-speed inkjet printing are also gradually increase, more and more printing enterprises will consider when to invest in new equipment, ink-jet system believes that has come in 2013 will become the breakthrough of ink-jet printing technology development. China packaging printing machinery network integration
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