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High-speed inkjet growth significantly sheet-fed printing or for explosive FaZhanDian _ high-speed inkjet

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
Takeaway: high-speed inkjet printing technology has the ability to variable data printing, productivity than electrostatic toner printer 3 ~ 10 times. In recent years, high-speed inkjet printing has developed rapidly, high-speed inkjet printing is expected to further growth. In recent years, high-speed inkjet printing has been developing rapidly, the discussion of high-speed inkjet printing is no longer just the speed of the equipment, production capacity, quality parameters and indexes such as metal packaging, but began to explore, such as front-end software support after the attachment after printing, as well as the construction of the whole production chain of automated process. Now it is high time to high-speed inkjet printing technology, to keep up with the pace of the development of high-speed inkjet, first to understand the present situation of the high-speed inkjet printing market. Market growth situation according to the end of 2014, according to data from the new high-speed inkjet printer worldwide sales rose 22% year-on-year, printing has increased by more than 35%. Compared with other printing market, shows the high growth rates. Last year the world high-speed inkjet printer printing of print runs for less than 1% of the total, this means that the current market is still in high-speed inkjet technology early in the development cycle, compared with other printing technology, high-speed inkjet printing technology can also maintain high profit margins. In addition, one third of all high-speed inkjet printing printing from the alternative to offset printing. There are some short version of the offset printing can't print books printing. High-speed inkjet printing technology has the ability to variable data printing, productivity than electrostatic toner printer 3 ~ 10 times. In addition, compared with electrostatic toner, printing, color printing jobs to increase additional cost is small, it is also one of the reasons to promote the development of high-speed inkjet printing technology. High-speed inkjet printing is expected to further growth, is the result of recent inkjet system can be directly sprayed printed on coated paper and coating gelatine printing paper of technological progress. Paper packaging will become a big business related people think sheet-fed high-speed inkjet printing will be the next print the key to the development of the explosive. This technology can replace the traditional sheet-fed offset press. Global sheet-fed offset printing presses of the installed capacity is much higher than traditional web offset press, can predict the future high-speed sheet-fed ink-jet printer installed capacity potential is considerable. Books and periodicals printing will become the main development prospect of ink-jet printing industry market research and analysis report: look from the market trend, many varieties, the short version, personalized present increasing market demand, traditional printing has been difficult to adapt to. Especially a large number of specialized academic works due to the small amount of print and difficult to press, a large number of print runs less industry newspapers and professional newspaper in the country is also difficult to print issue. In addition, combined with the cost pressure from inventory of books and resource pressures, high-speed inkjet digital printing for the publishing industry provides a feasible solution. While high-speed inkjet can be applied to many industries, but books and periodicals printing is the main prospects for China's high-speed inkjet printing. At present, many publishers are aware of print-on-demand is a big trend, but by money, copyright, equipment, personnel, technology, cost and other factors, most of the press of print-on-demand and brush is in on hold. Changing this needs to be more perfect publishing ecosystem, publishers, upstream downstream printing service providers and equipment suppliers together to reshape the digital publishing industry chain, build a print-on-demand system, grope for profitable print-on-demand business model together. ( Ink-jet printing industry in China market in 2016: growth significantly) China printing
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