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High-speed inkjet digital printing technology is recognized as the global printing industry of promising printing technology, its development is predicted as the driving force for the printing industry reshuffle. Every year several

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
Code printing in China research report about China's high-speed inkjet printing market also has a detailed investigation, but with the ground high-speed inkjet printing system in China in recent years, at the same time because of its itself has large output capacity, need large investment is different from general electrostatic imaging characteristics of digital printing machine, digital printing magazine in 2015 decided to high-speed inkjet printing system separate investigation and study, in a more comprehensive and reflect the current development status in detail. In recent years, high-speed inkjet printing technology has developed rapidly, the printing speed, output, quality and wide size/cost control, etc. , to traditional printing level, its efforts to change the only as a complementary of traditional printing, in many areas have printing and traditional printing considerable strength. It is worth mentioning that in the aspects such as environmental protection, the variable data and on-demand more stronger than the traditional printing, the industry to improve the recognition of high-speed inkjet printing, it has emerged in the field of print-on-demand. Since high-speed inkjet printing technology to market, there has never been strictly defined for high-speed inkjet printing, this paper USES the industry mainstream defined standards for high-speed inkjet printing: speed above 100 m/min, resolution of 600 dpi & times; 600 dpi rotation and sheet-fed ink-jet digital printing equipment. Due to high-speed sheet-fed ink-jet technology, equipment is not widely used, so temporarily not discussed in this paper. Domestic capacity survey analysis along with the social economic development and high-speed inkjet printing technology is gradually mature, the on-demand publishing, direct mail the bill printing, document printing, commercial printing, etc. The demand of the market growth. High-speed inkjet printing technology with the advantages of its rapid, variable in the service of publishing, telecommunications, banking, insurance, postal service, financial packaging industries and public utilities to meet their higher printing requirements. In addition to high-speed inkjet printing systems, high-speed inkjet nozzle can also cooperate with the traditional printing machine to complete some applications, such as medicine, tobacco, food, daily necessities packaging and labelling, newspapers, express delivery documents, such as lottery variable information printing ( This research does not involve) for high speed inkjet ink jet head 。 Book publication from the market trend, many varieties, the short version, personalized present increasing market demand, traditional printing has been difficult to adapt to. Especially a large number of specialized academic works due to the small amount of print and difficult to press, a large number of print runs less industry newspapers and professional newspaper in the country is also difficult to print issue. In addition, combined with the cost pressure from inventory of books and resource pressures, high-speed inkjet digital printing for the publishing industry provides a feasible solution. It is understood that in 2011 ~ 2012, high-speed inkjet technology began to enter the Chinese market, dongguan DaLang (the CTPS) , phoenix, tiger color group high-speed inkjet printing technology was applied to on-demand publishing market, provide a new solution for the publication of the domestic market. Since 2011, phoenix and tiger color as the pioneer of the on-demand publishing industry in China is still in constant investment and move forward, the former has established two production lines, black and white POD and color POD which has been in the domestic set up three print-on-demand base, entered a new phase in China's high-speed inkjet printing. From high-speed inkjet printing system installed distribution as you can see, China to introduce high-speed inkjet printing technology since 2011, the installed area is very concentrated, are installed in the northeast, east China and south China, main representative provinces such as Beijing, jiangsu, zhejiang, guangzhou, this and the activity of the local culture and economic environment. At present, the domestic high-speed inkjet printing technology to carry out print-on-demand printing unit quantity is not much, mostly large publishing group, and large-scale printing enterprise. The former representative of choice for phoenix media, printing, etc. Itself has a lot of the publishing resources large publishing group, generally with printing department, when the demand of the group have print-on-demand, directly introducing the hardware and software equipment, reaction rate faster. In addition, also have the publisher consider printing enterprise m&a, a complete chain of group internal industry, realize resource integration and capital, to promote enterprise development speed. The latter's representative for the tiger color group, and when. Printing enterprise itself has not published content support, the need to integrate all kinds of the publisher can print-on-demand publishing resources, establishing publishing base. But at this stage, the expansion of business in the need for the publisher training and show the advantage of print-on-demand and convenient.
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