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High-speed color inkjet printer _ color inkjet facing huge market opportunities, printing presses, business opportunities _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
According to the Info Trends, according to the research published in 2006, the world be put into use the color of the ink jet printer only 20, 2010 more than 200 units. Are expected to be put into use by the end of 2013, the color of the ink jet printer will amount to more than 500. Equipped with high-speed feed device for color inkjet printer, due to its production efficiency, running cost and printing quality has reached the level, continuously create new market opportunities. High-speed color inkjet printer emergence in 2000, by 2007, with more suppliers and equipment to enter the market more diverse, high-speed inkjet printing has been rapid development. High-speed color ink jet printing machine efficiency improvement has a broad market prospect. According to the Info Trends predicts that by 2015, digital color printing color high-speed inkjet printing will account for 40% market share and become a fast printing industry development technology. Quality and cost advantage brought by the technology progress, just color high-speed inkjet printing part of the reason for the rapid growth. The degree of match and application of printing and equipment performance, will be color high-speed inkjet printing machine meet the demand of order and guarantee the enterprise profit growth, the key factors to win the market. ( Liu hk east finishing) Global color high-speed inkjet printer installed keyin media 'printing'
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