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High-speed coding equipment guarantees the value of production enterprises

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
The printing industry is also one of the very hot industries now. Some printing manufacturers are eager to increase the rate of product delivery, and this is required. It can be described as the contribution of high-speed coding equipment, and it has also attracted more and more customers’ attention. Intensity, these variable contents not only include serial numbers and characters, but more customers need to print barcodes, two-dimensional codes, quantum cloud codes and other content. Combining the various needs of customers, the coding equipment supplied by Arnoldjet is an ideal choice for installation on the production line. As a digital printing equipment, high-speed inkjet equipment can automatically generate variable content inkjet printing, just to meet the printing of variable information, the professional needs of printing variable information, and promote more companies to choose high-quality inkjet equipment first . The high-speed packaging inkjet printer uses environmentally friendly UV ink, which has good adhesion and gloss on different materials. It can be printed in monochrome or in color, single-head printing and multi-head printing, piezoelectric ink-jet technology, providing non- Contact, high-quality and high-speed inkjet printing and coding. The high-speed inkjet equipment supplied by Arnoldjet is a standard UV inkjet control system equipped with acquisition system, encoder, serial port and other interfaces. It can realize the data communication with the inkjet printing unit through the USB or network cable interface connection of the industrial PC. Types of databases. A variety of optional print head height design can easily realize the content height printing application including different specifications. Through the combination of hardware and software, a powerful digital inkjet printing integrated system can be realized for production.
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