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High-quality new standard anti-counterfeiting code inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
Whether it is a small-equipment inkjet printer or a large-equipment UV inkjet printer, only because of the rapid development of my country’s industrialization, there have been a lot of anti-counterfeit code inkjet printers in my country so far. Based on the whole process data traceability of one thing, one code, the enterprise In the case that distribution management tools cannot be fully deployed due to cost or implementation difficulties, it helps companies to track goods. The traceability and traceability system combined with software and supporting inkjet printer equipment can realize one product and one code on product packaging. It is the first choice for identification and anti-counterfeiting equipment in the packaging industry, food industry, medical treatment, veterinary medicine and pesticide industry. For users, the use of anti-counterfeit code inkjet printers to process clear and accurate identification is a standard way to recognize the brand, and it is also a sign of confidence in long-term safe use. For inkjet printer manufacturers, the use of inkjet technology can improve the brand’s reputation. Market image and unified management, establish a good recognition image and beautify the appearance of products, effectively save costs and reduce the intensity of personnel work. The stable temperature of UV printing is the guarantee of printing quality. The use of multi-level temperature control technology makes the printing temperature of UV ink more stable and improves the applicability of the system in various environmental temperature changes. The anti-counterfeiting code inkjet printer adopts environmentally friendly UV ultraviolet curing ink, which can print various variable information on various materials to achieve the anti-counterfeiting traceability effect and truly control the outflow of fakes from the market. For example, the first-class pre-sales and after-sales teams that provide customers with free proofing, excellent coding technology and fast problem-solving serve all parts of the country, and have been establishing good cooperative relations with major brand enterprises with strict requirements.
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