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High-definition handheld inkjet printer helps carton packaging

by:Arojet     2021-07-23

High-definition handheld inkjet printer assists carton packaging.

In the production process now, in order to protect the products, facilitate transportation, and promote sales, it is most common to use cartons for secondary packaging of products. Compared with wooden box packaging, woven bag packaging, cloth bag packaging, and plastic box packaging, carton packaging is easier to obtain, lighter in weight, easier to print, easier to design and form, and lower in cost. Therefore, carton packaging has become the most popular packaging method for business users.

Carton boxes are divided into corrugated paper and single-layer paper according to different paper qualities. As the outer packaging of the product, the carton will definitely involve the labeling problem. Oulance will briefly introduce the coding equipment suitable for the outer packaging of the carton.

According to the water absorption of the material, the outer packaging of the carton can be divided into absorbent materials and semi-absorbent materials. The best equipment suitable for carton marking is a high-resolution inkjet printer that uses the principle of thermal foaming inkjet. As the outer packaging box for product secondary packaging, the packaging is generally large in size and difficult to handle. Therefore, high-resolution handheld inkjet printers The code machine is packaged with a carton. The high-resolution handheld inkjet printer has high printing resolution, convenient operation, simple maintenance, rich ink types, and a variety of ink colors to choose from, making the handheld inkjet printer more versatile. In practical applications, high-resolution handheld inkjet printers can also support the printing of QR codes and barcodes. Therefore, in terms of anti-counterfeiting and traceability, high-resolution handheld inkjet printers also reflect good functions.

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