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Hesitation _ in the process of printing printing technology, high-speed inkjet printing _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Drupa2012 focused on the printing industry at the forefront of technology, including high-speed inkjet printing is still not lose the previous style. Improve the front-end and back-end, fast, variable, flexible, low cost, high quality & hellip; … As high-speed inkjet will change the printing pattern. But does not bring technological innovation printing companies are racing to buy, but hesitated. High-speed inkjet printing technology in the world is in a stage of rapid development, is to the highest point of the new printing technology, represents the international mainstream the development direction of printing technology, it will promote the development of digital printing to the stage. Domestic market also have substantial progress, in the second half of 2011, the first domestic Prosper1000 black and white ink-jet printing machine in the phoenix media group, after months of form a complete set of equipment, test, production, production chain has been perfect, and has been formally put into production, producing more than 3500 books. Phoenix media group second Prosper1000 will in Beijing branch operation. Since the color inkjet printing system began to close to the traditional offset printing on printing quality technology, many printing companies and digital quick printing shop began to confuse the introduction of new equipment to expand their business model. Actually for small and medium-sized printing enterprise, the introduction of digital ink jet printing system decision need to consider all aspects of factors, including the need to develop the market, how to product pricing, product demand, the quality of printing, printing materials, warehouse, and operator skill levels, and so on. Found that in many cases carefully consider these problems, companies tend to be the market winners. If you decide to purchase a high-speed inkjet printing system, you first need to consider is the introduction of black and white or color system equipment. In some cases, the survey the current printing industry environment is the guarantee of the key factors of enterprise's competitive power. For example, if you now live in the majority with traditional offset printing, live a little or no variable data printing, so the introduction of digital ink-jet printing system, appear the gild the lily. Your energy is focused on the current production process of the company. However, if your company has many short version live, variable data printing products or proofing products, felt good after precision calculating return on investment, the introduction of a high-speed inkjet printing system is reasonable. The author established before many printing companies have different characteristics, most of utilization and costs have detailed statistical data, every living thing has its own production process record. Each printing enterprise has its own starting point, some has gone digital, using carbon powder technology, some are all still is one of the traditional offset printing technology, some only cover information variable data printing proofing products, some only part after printing, and so on. And basically is to use sheet-fed printing equipment or paper printing equipment. Anyway, the printing enterprise has elements must be considered. Before printing, printing and post-press skill talented person, equipment maintenance and maintenance, materials and other consumables cost, paper consumption and energy costs, and so on. I had some experience perhaps you haven't considered, the high-speed inkjet printing system integration with traditional offset press, to the current enterprise not involved in the market areas. If your customers like the flexibility, the proposal can be recommended to them by way of live demonstration in printing format or subtle change after the improved work efficiency, brings the competitiveness in the market for our customers. Despite the cost a lot of problems in your business, but consider through high-speed inkjet printing technology can cancel what costs, calculate the real cost or more challenges. Habits, let outside of the printing industry experts to assess the investment, for you to high-speed inkjet printing business model, product type, such as authentic assessment, to help you make the right choice. China packaging printing machinery network
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