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Have you chosen the right product identification and coding technology for snack packaging?

by:Arojet     2021-07-28
When you go to the supermarket to buy retail, have you noticed that the snack area is always more eye-catching than other fruit/vegetable areas? Why? The editor briefly analyzes that various snack food companies are scrambling for how to make consumers impulsive purchase of colorful designs in order to seize sales opportunities while also increasing brand awareness. The brand marketing team also spends a lot of energy on high-level packaging design, from pillow bags to four-sided bags to square bottom bags, packaging design is constantly innovating. Designers should also consider that the product identification coding technology used by the printing factory will print codes of different appearances, and they need to think about the vertical and horizontal aspects as a whole. Guangdong Arnolds has 16 years of rich practical experience in the product identification industry, and has a broad understanding of packaging and printing in the snack industry. The product identification coding technology is based on your packaging bag type, packaging line and special printing quality and content. Upon request, Arnoldjet will provide different coding solutions. The square bottom bag packaging design can be applied to sugar companies and rice companies using the C3 side-jet variable data printing system; the four-side bag packaging design can use the X6 high-speed variable data printing system and can be freely installed on high-speed flexographic printing machines High-speed slitting machine and other printing equipment, etc., Arnoldage X series inkjet printer, basically can print any type of packaging bag or film, suitable for more complex applications such as variable data coding, double-sided anti-counterfeiting Coding, traceability coding, etc.
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