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Hand-held inkjet printer troubleshooting methods

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
The work of the handheld inkjet printer is relatively simple. It only needs the operator to deal with the daily problems. Let's learn about the daily handling methods with Chengwei Technology. Generally, data transmission failures are encountered during use, and we can deal with it according to the following methods. 1. Check whether the USB cable is connected correctly. If the screen shows that the connection fits, it indicates that the communication is normal. 2. Check whether the coding software and USB driver device are normal. If there is any abnormality, install the coding software and USB driver from the beginning. Hand-held inkjet printers sometimes fail to print out characters during use. The operator can easily deal with it by following the following four steps. 1. Check whether the encoder's climbing ring is loose or falling; if there is any abnormality, just hang the climbing ring from the head. 2. Check if the ink cartridge has ink; replace the ink cartridge when there is no ink. 3. Check if there is data; if there is no data, try to load the data again. 4. Try to insert and remove the ink cartridge from the beginning. When there is illegible handwriting or missing needles, we need to be careful to deal with it, especially when there are impurities on the surface of the nozzle, some methods must be used to deal with the impurities. Just follow the steps below to finish. 1. When there are impurities on the surface of the nozzle, wipe it gently with facial tissue. 2. Shake the ink cartridge back and forth. (The ink needs to be wiped with a paper towel). 3. If the nozzle is dry, drop a small amount of cleaning liquid on the front of the nozzle, and repeat the above step 2 after 5 minutes. 4. If the above operation is not successful, try to replace the ink cartridge.
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