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Hand-held inkjet printer, open the road to intelligent marking

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
Hand-held inkjet printers are portable and easy-to-operate inkjet printers. Hand-held inkjet printers are mainly suitable for companies that do not require high production speed. The content of inkjet printing can be trademarks, patterns, text, letters, numbers, Barcodes, etc., as handheld inkjet printers become more and more widely used and inkjet technology gradually matures, handheld inkjet printers are becoming more and more portable, compact and intelligent. The development of handheld inkjet printers has also opened up intelligence. Road to development. Introduction of new features One, wireless Bluetooth transmission function. Intelligent data transmission method supports multiple transmission methods, including wifi, bluetooth or USB. New function introduction two, automatic package measurement. The handheld inkjet printer can automatically adjust the size of the printed content according to the identified and calculated inkjet space to achieve inkjet printing. Introduction of new features Three, powerful extended features. Oulance hand-held inkjet printer adopts high-efficiency embedded Microlinux system, the equipment can be connected with the database to realize dynamic data transmission and printing function. New function introduction four, support a variety of special inks. Traditional hand-held inkjet printers generally use ordinary water-based inks or quick-drying inks, and the applicable inkjet printers are limited, while the new generation of Oulance handheld inkjet printers can support a variety of special inks, such as pigment inks and UV invisible Ink, food grade ink, etc., a variety of colors are available. Hand-held inkjet printers will also become a landmark product in the development of intelligent equipment.
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