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Hand-held inkjet printer consumables cost notes

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
Hand-held inkjet printers are also called portable inkjet printers, which are portable and easy to operate. Hand-held inkjet printers are different from other online inkjet printers and are suitable for companies that do not require high production speed. The current development trend of handheld inkjet printers tends to be lighter and more compact, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect.

According to different working principles, handheld inkjet printers are divided into large-character handheld inkjet printers, high-resolution handheld inkjet printers, and thermal foaming handheld inkjet printers. According to the actual needs of users, the models of handheld inkjet printers are also different.

According to different types of handheld inkjet printers, the capacity of consumables is also different. The ink cartridge capacity of a typical large-character handheld inkjet printer is 100ml, while the ink cartridge capacity of a high-resolution handheld inkjet printer varies depending on the model. There are 45ml and 75ml distinctions. The ink cartridge capacity of the thermal foaming hand-held inkjet printer is about 45ml. If you need to know the price of hand-held inkjet printer consumables, please call Shenyang Oulance Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.

Ourance inkjet printer manufacturers suggest: If you want to choose a handheld inkjet printer that suits you, not only the price of the handheld inkjet printer, but also the cost of the handheld inkjet printer, which is the consumables. Price, the simplest thing is to look at the unit cost of printing each product. If you buy a high-cost handheld inkjet printer, the equipment will often become a hot potato, and finally you will become a handheld inkjet printer collector.

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