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GMG and Canon _ by a new generation of proofing system

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
GMG company recently launched a new proofing system, including Canon brand-new imagePROGRAFiPF8300 iPF6350 / iPF6300 inkjet printers and GMGColorProof GMGFlexoProofXG and GMGDotProofXG even color and colour printing solution. Use the Canon printer GMG medium, can get good print effect

new joint solution is put forward, from GMG and Canon for more extensive cooperation in technology. For proofing market at the same time, in conformity with the quality standards for GMG and Canon software and hardware.

GMG ColorProof even color proofing software, FlexoProofXG, DotProofXG half the colour proofing module ensures that the GMG and Canon to reproduce color proofing system. Rely on data directly to the output mesh machine for processing, GMGDotProof and FlexoProof can produce color half the colour samples, reduce the use of the ink-jet printer cost.

Canon imagePROGRAFiPF8300 iPF6350 / iPF6300 printers designed for image market, can be applied in the field of photography, art replication and proofing Adopted the new r&d LuciaEX 12 color pigment ink printing system, the color of the print range increased by 20% than the old models, image more frictional resistance.

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