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Future inkjet ink industry will present the following 6 kinds of trend of development of ink _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Ink-jet printing ink is a kind of use between inkjet printer nozzle and the effect of electric field force between the substrates, the substrates said graphic information due to regional jet formation on the surface of liquid ink imprinting. The future will present the following trend of development of inkjet ink industry. 1. Professional inkjet ink and paint will be more used as the coloring agent, because of the large pigment particles structure dimensions both in indoor light on pigment molecule structure of light and the light decomposition, or outdoor sun illumination, the degree of oxidation decomposition of ozone in the air to produce than dyes have advantages, compared to make the pigment dye in light fastness, gas resistance, water resistance, high humidity image shading, etc are stronger than dye, and these features also determines the pigment ink is more suitable for some professional users. 2. To achieve more wide color gamut, more color ink was developed, the HI - FI technology in theory, the use of more fully use the initial 4 colors C, M, Y, K can be mix out all sorts of color. But the existing color agent has not yet reached the ideal level, lead to the colour of the color of the actual deployment and expect there will always be a small gap. And solve this problem well, simple method is to increase the types of color ink. In addition, because the ink color is the subtractive color matching, color inkjet printers on the medium spray ink, the more will make the dark color. Therefore, increase the ink color, using a single color to show the previous composite color is the color of beautiful method. 3. Ink in water resistance, scratch resistance, prevent the respect such as fading will have a better performance for users, especially in the field of copy printed photos and art, the image files to save the durability of the demand is higher and higher, which requires the ink on the printing media has better waterproof, sun resistance, ozone resistance, scratch resistance, etc. To strengthen the printing quality of these functions, the current inkjet ink metropolis select fast, high fastness rating of coloring agent, and the individual assumes the toner particles are effectively encapsulation; Add some additives to ink and improve the stability of the ink; Improved structure and surface characteristics of print media, improve the stability of the ink with the medium. 4. Adaptability to different material will continue to strengthen, inkjet printing type solid ink will get great progress can achieve very high print quality indeed, but this need to match the appropriate print media, such as in the use of a lot of ordinary copy paper, ink-jet printing quality is better than laser printing. Therefore, this weakness greatly limits the application range of inkjet printing. 2016 - In 2021 China's digital inkjet ink industry, market operation and industrial development trend of the report at present, UV curing and EB curing ink and ink UV - Leds can such type of solid ink instant drying ability, make its adaptability to different print media. Can type solid ink, therefore, is to enhance the ink adaptive solution for different materials. 5. Ink for groups of users will be more detailed as ink jet printing is more widely used, more the different needs of users will be added to the inkjet users. Such as office print and photo studio output, their demand for quality is very different. In order to better serve the users, to create more profit growth point, according to different needs of users developed economy is applicable the ink and printing devices are becoming increasingly important. This idea is also very good to meet the demand and personalized service concept. 6. Environmental protection is also the future of the ink must be attention in the process of research and development aspects with people living standard rise, the industrialized production pressure is growing to human survival environment. Now, people more attention to environmental protection, such as energy conservation and emissions reduction, global warming, carbon emissions and other words like this have frequently appeared in our daily life. For inkjet ink is the same, the environmental protection has become one of the important indicators can enter the market. In the future, the ink will be toward the harmless to the human body, the environmental friendly direction. The Internet
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