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From theory into practice inkjet 'building' plan _ nano inkjet

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
Takeaway: nano printing like build a house, a structure of a mould, gradually accumulated gradually. Building a house of energy any miniature device to nano level, its performance will have thousands of tens of thousands of times. In the detection of heart disease, for example, the traditional medical methods generally judge by ecg waveform changes, but before that, the protein in the human body may have changed. If the nano materials, test signal can improve 1 million times and trace amounts of protein changes can also be detected, to advance the diagnosis greatly, save time for treatment. Nano device of production is very difficult. Previously, scientists by using electron beam lithography or in the laboratory for processing. Lithography to nano device size is opposite bigger, and although the electron beam can be small enough, but is very slow, costly and cannot be used in mass production. That is why many people say that nanotechnology is the tower of Babel. So-called nano printing technology, it is a new kind of nano material assembly technology. How the structure of the nano materials one by one, like build a house. This technique is similar to ancient Chinese movable-type printing, will be plate is concave and convex image mold, in conjunction with the corresponding equipment and instruments, through the stamping and finalize the design after printing production. Nano change ink with ink fineness has close relationship with quality of printed matter. Ink fineness better and stronger colouring, print outlets are clear and forceful. Because nanomaterials is the grain of fine materials, nano ink has special advantage in fineness. Add a particular nano particles of nano ink used in color printing, color level will become more abundant, order will be more distinct. Components of ink ( Such as resin, pigments, fillers, etc. ) Also can be made into nanoscale materials because of their highly subtle, and has a good flow and lubrication, can achieve better dispersed suspension and stable effect. Add nanoscale materials to different USES different kinds of printing ink, can get different result. If used in UV ink, can accelerate the curing speed, and eliminate the contraction of the ink membrane wrinkling; Nanoscale with conductive carbon ink, if add ink can be made of conductive ink; In glass ceramic ink, if the inorganic materials is nanoscale fineness, will be able to save a lot of raw materials. Nanometer inkjet plate-making change numerous for brief tall nanometer inkjet technology, principle is very simple actually. Zhongke recruiting products division manager ms Gu Zhimei its expounded in common language. Inkjet plate-making, that is, to different ink jet on the field of different base material. Just put the materials with special functions injection to the specified base material can form a new application field. Nano inkjet plate-making, environmental protection is to contain nanoparticles hydrophilic ink print directly on the super hydrophilic base version, infiltrating regulation through the surface of a material, get fine controlled small branches, so as to realize the plate surface clear distinctions of watershed region and kiss and enough contrast of a new type of inkjet plate-making technology of environmental protection. Nanometer inkjet plate-making technology looks be like simple, actually there is also have a lot of the core technology need to break through. Specific include: (1) nanoparticle composite reinforced with coating technology. Doping nanoparticles in ink, can improve the resistance to seal ability and the friction of plate, on the other hand also can avoid the settlement of the ink, plug, etc. Second, nano ink contraction technology. This technology can make drops solid accumulation, ink film density, inking uniform stability, which can realize the color reappearance. Three, nano microporous technology of plate material. Needle type wool stoma design, guides the drops longitudinal penetration, control spread out at the same time, strengthen the resistance force. Fourth, the software. Use the corals and network: based on the green coral FM modulation noise mixed home network technology. Five, the equipment technology. Device USES natural stone material, and has the world's qr code motion control system and metal reflection grating positioning system. Its general can provide free CIP3 digital process, realize seamless and printing system. For the development of printing industry, successful application of nanometer inkjet plate-making technology is a real low cost and high environmental protection business. No process flow of the liquid in alcohol education version, no VOC emissions of plate-making technology, etc. , will be the pressure of environmental protection to eliminate government regulation, increase the government procurement of competitiveness, so as to promote its more rapid advance in the printing market. The Internet
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