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From the inkjet printer ink to see the rapid development of environmental protection

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
Since its birth, the coding technology has been developed for half a century. As an indispensable consumable in the use of inkjet printers, inks are constantly changing with the trend of the times along with the continuous maturity of inkjet technology. With industrialization sweeping the world, the world seems to be a huge production plant. Ink production technology is also constantly developing, suitable for various types of inkjet printers, suitable for the needs of different industries, and suitable for different types of needs. To a large extent, the development of ink technology also reflects the rapid development of environmental protection. The ink contains a variety of organic solvents, and these are a great threat to the human body. Undoubtedly, when the ink was first put into use in the inkjet printer, the composition was very different from the conventional ink. Traditional solvent-based inks are a serious hazard to humans. Researchers are also working hard to improve the environmental impact of inks, all of which require changes in the composition of inks. The current ink usually has multiple parts of pigments, binders, solvents and auxiliary agents. These parts need to be carefully adjusted to accelerate the development of environmentally friendly ink technology. Up to now, the ink for marking eggs has been born. This edible ink has changed the traditional appearance of high pollution and high hazard ink to a large extent, and marks a gratifying progress in ink technology on the topic of environmental protection.
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