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French MGI designed for B2 wide inkjet printing product started _ France, inkjet printing

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
According to foreign media reports, the French MGI has announced a specially designed for B2 wide inkjet printing market launch Alphajet new equipment research and development, at the same time shows the prototype of the device. Alphajet resolutions of up to 1200 dpi, the high rate of 3000 zhang/hour ( A4) 。 Equipped with 6 color output color, can on-line UV glazing module, can support variable data printing, printing substrates range of up to 500 GSM, big sheet-fed size is 520 x740mm, occupy a competitive advantage in the same series products. French VictorAbergel MGI's vice President, said that B2 inkjet printing market competition is intense, but confidence in the new equipment in the future. Company has rich experience in inkjet technology, such as JetVarnish is designed for commercial printing market. Can see B2 inkjet market competition attracted numerous manufacturers, and the market seems to have ready. Have Alphajet, can will be digital printing and traditional offset printing, get the favour of customers in a larger scope. It is understood that this new device will be in France and Belgium prior to installation of drew to a global audience to display during the exhibition, put into commercial application market will be in 2013, the market price at present is in a state secret. MGI France issued this message before, HP announced new B2 wide digital printing machine; ; Indigo10000, the rate of 3450 / per hour. keyin
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