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French Impika launch of high-speed inkjet equipment

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
< P> Impika France PBX600 inkjet device was developed recently. The equipment for label printing market provides a color printing services platform, the new design of the print head more high-speed operation provides a guarantee. < / P> < P> the company said, the resolution of 600 x600dpi PBX600 itself has, and to be able to use certain or a variety of printing speed resolution reached 150 meters per minute. < / P> < P> in order to achieve with a lewd tone contours and features high quality printing effect, PBX600 use 3/14 picolitres four color resolution modulation level. < / P> < P> in addition, the width of 474 mm large printer through 22400 nozzle consists of 29 injection module line of thread injection of one or two colors. It makes the equipment can only use two lines of injection thrum can full color printing system. < / P> < P> PaulMorgavi Impika company executive said the new product is the result of long-term communication and cooperation with panasonic. He said: 'the new printing service platform of significant in that it sets high resolution, high speed, full color, and large network wide between the advantages of low cost operation mode. It for inkjet printing production and operation reliability, unveiled a new chapter. 'He also said the inkjet machine nozzle device from panasonic, but Impika company some transformations on the processing. < / P> < P> PBX600 plan will be held in Brussels in September 2007 trademark printing promotion listed during the exhibition. < / P> < P> < / P> < P> < / P> < P> < / P>
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