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Founder electronics with a variety of products to attend the China international exhibition of color box _ founder, printing, inkjet, color box

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
Content introduction: on July 6, 2011 - 8, color box industry of new products and technology trade, exhibition, exchange the integrated platform of 2011 China international exhibition of color box will be grandly held in Beijing, the Beijing Peking University founder electronics co. , LTD. ( Founder electronics) Will be there with founder jie eagle H500 digital ink jet printing paper printing system, founder of digital proofing systems and founder, founder of ERP smoothly 5. Super line 0, founder and so on hardware and software products, and the manufacturers to jointly interpret color box industry annual event. As digital and network new media more and more get the attention of people, such as traditional printing industry market inevitably shrink, books and periodicals printing orders for slimming. And with the market's growing demand for color packaging, China packaging industry are emerging; ; Packaging industry in 2009 has broken trillions of total, is expected to increase to $1. 2 trillion in 2010, packaging printing industry development prospects, among them, the policy under the guidance of more prone to drug regulatory code printing market. Founder jie eagle H500 sprayed printed system due to the development of related technologies and the country's advocates, can provide fu code jet printing equipment manufacturers and use of the drug supervision code printing enterprises gradually increased, this exhibition AD hoc electronic supervision code section, founder jie eagle H500 sprayed printed system will also appear. Founder jie eagle H500 sprayed printed system with the core technology advantages and outstanding performance and good user experience, especially in the actual production environment is stable and reliable performance, is now on the market at present is advanced, mature industrial electronic supervision code printing solutions, variable supervision code can completely realize the large amount of data in the PCS of high quality, high output, low cost, easy to operate, inkjet printing, won the domestic earlier a group of drug regulatory code assigned code production well-known kit packaging enterprise recognition and trust, such as universal printing, jinan, xi 'an, foshan huaxin color printing, Beijing jiaxin LuXin days, etc. In actual production, the founder, the eagle H500 sprayed printed system, production reached more than 2 million, spray printing supervision code detection level all meet or exceed national standards. Printing paper proofing; ; Commercial printing market today in the new trend of development of the digital proofing, digital proofing is widely accepted as printing sample contract gradually. But owing to the high price of the ink, paper and other supplies, digital proofing printing color reference in many printing companies were forced to save the cost of printing paper become industry. In order to solve the technical problems, the industry meet the market demand for printing paper proofing, founder electronics developed domestic without using special equipment can be adapted for printing paper digital proofing solution; ; Founder printing paper digital proofing system, the system can be directly in the coated paper, offset paper, white cardboard, newsprint paper such as direct digital proofing, and effectively ensure the consistency of color. It is estimated that the technology to save for a printing enterprise in 50000 - a year 8. 60000 the proofing costs. Founder smoothly digital workflow 5. 0 founder smoothly the digital workflow product brand is known in the industry, has more than 2000 domestic users, occupied two-thirds of domestic market share. Since its launch in 2001 after repeated revision, founder smoothly 5. 0 increased province ink, and high-fidelity printing, preview the independent research and development, the trap, preflight, remote diagnosis, many new functions such as load balancing, system compatibility and stability, ease of use has been further ascension. In addition, founder electronics will show the software product has profound technology accumulation, such as founder YinChang ERP management system, founder line safety security design system, founder sharp packaging system and a series of technical quality of products and solutions. A winning
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