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Forecast: 2015 color high-speed inkjet printing will make up 40% of the market, _ color ink jet printing at a high speed

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
Put into use according to InfoTrends forecast, in 2006, the global color high-speed inkjet printer is only 20, 2010 more than 200 units. Are expected to be put into use by the end of 2013, the color of the ink jet printer will amount to more than 500. Equipped with high-speed feed device for color inkjet printer, due to its production efficiency, running cost and printing quality has reached the level, continuously create new market opportunities. High-speed color inkjet printer emergence in 2000, by 2007, with more suppliers and equipment to enter the market more diverse, high-speed inkjet printing has been rapid development. Predicts 2015, digital color printing color high-speed inkjet printing will account for 40% market share and become a fast printing industry development technology. Quality and cost advantage brought by the technology progress, just color high-speed inkjet printing part of the reason for the rapid growth. The degree of match and application of printing and equipment performance, will be color high-speed inkjet printing machine meet the demand of order and guarantee the enterprise profit growth, the key factors to win the market. On drew ba 2012, several printing equipment suppliers have research or cooperation with high-speed inkjet printer, printing format is more and more big, the quality is higher and higher, the cost is more and more low, high-speed inkjet printing by attaches great importance to the whole! Inkjet printing according to the principle of ink can be divided into continuous inkjet and on-demand inkjet type two kinds. 1. Continuous injection CIJContinuouslnkJet continuous jet principle is through the ink shock pressure with high frequency, make the ink from the nozzle to form homogeneous continuous micro drip. In the nozzle is equipped with a photoelectric conversion signal synchronization changes of the electric field and graphics. Jet droplets selectively charged in the charging electric field, when the droplet flow to continue by deflecting electric field, under the action of charged droplet in the electric field deflection, not charged droplets continue to fly straight. Fly straight droplets cannot reach liquid substrates and the collection of recycling. Charged droplet spray onto substrates and finish printing. 2. On-demand jet DODDropOnDemand on-demand jet spray printing system works when need printing, ink system within the nozzle on applying high-frequency mechanical force and electromagnetic thermal shock, to form tiny droplets from the nozzle, controlled by the computer into set patterns. On-demand jet used widely is thermal ink jet technology, it is depend on the hot pulse drops, by computer control a heating resistance wire to the prescribed temperature, the ink aerosol later from the nozzle. Another DOD technology is voltage type injection system, which is controlled by a computer on the conductive material to impose a potential, make the conductive material in the direction of the electric field produces compression, expansion in the vertical direction, so that the ink jet. Ink jet printing technology not only requires high accuracy of nozzle, high precision control technology, at the same time, the requirement with high purity, high concentration, high fastness, high stability of the ink, Ink) To match, just have use value. China packaging printing machinery network
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