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Food Traceability Spray Coder Helps Food Industry Improve Traceability Management


With the support of the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Goods Coding Center has successfully launched the National Food Safety Traceability Platform, which is used by the government, enterprises, consumers and third-party organizations. Several food enterprises have responded to the policy and built their own traceability platform. There are still various problems and loopholes in the application of traceability platform in the whole practice, even the random posting of traceability codes and the counterfeiting of origin brands. This gives food traceability spray coder a potential opportunity to develop, track product safety and quality problems, realize the function of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, and further standardize all links and construction of the supply chain. Food companies that set up company brand image bring great troubles.

Food traceable code spraying machine reads traceable two-dimensional code information, sprays the two-dimensional code content on food packaging boxes/bags again, and adds a safeguard to food industry traceability. The specific implementation scheme is to use product traceability two-dimensional code jet printer + supporting platform, with sensors, curing lights, etc., to real-time two-dimensional code content. Spray printing in the outer package/outer box, to eliminate the phenomenon of fake and channeling goods, while spraying two-dimensional code content on the outer package/bag, also facilitates the inspection of enterprise logistics shipment, and improves the efficiency of enterprise products shipment. Arojet now serves a number of food business customers and customizes identification solutions to enhance customer traceability system management.

In the process of implementing automatic traceability system, product coding is always a key technical node. It has a complete set of solutions with high-definition jet code, i.e. dry-as-you-hit, UV digital printing, visual recognition, automatic integration and software integration. Food traceability jet printer can be tailored for the user to make the appropriate overall solution for coding, suitable for various materials on the two-dimensional code printing hardware equipment. Pipeline production realizes quantitative production of product traceability, timely inquiry and kick-out when abnormal assignment is found, ensures effective information inquiry and statistics of each product, and realizes effective circulation of one product one yard.

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