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Food safety issues! Let the food printer protect you

by:Arojet     2021-08-01
It is said that food is the first priority for the people. The issue of food safety has always attracted people's attention. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people have begun to have food safety and health awareness. So in terms of food safety, we can know whether it is healthy and safe from the surface information. Then these information needs to rely on the food inkjet printer to achieve. For example, the commonly known food production date, shelf life, whether the product manufacturer is formal or not can be learned from that information. It can be said that with the development of society and the maturity of the food economy, food printers are becoming more and more popular. What the business needs! Food inkjet printer, it uses imported UV inkjet printer to print, and the role provided by UV inkjet printer on food packaging is of great significance to every consumer and business person. Because the current products are beginning to move toward a trend of one item, one code, basically every product has an independent identity mark. A logo is a representative of a product, which not only facilitates corporate management but also facilitates consumers to inquire about product anti-counterfeiting. At present, food UV inkjet printers have a wide range of functions, which can perform one-object one-code anti-counterfeiting traceability on products. It has a huge advantage in packaging identification and transcoding printing, and can be used for large-format labels or other permeable materials. Variable information printing, which can basically print beautiful patterns stably at high speed. The printing speed is as high as 150m/min, and the resolution and accuracy are also high. It can realize printing codes for entrepreneurs in all walks of life. effect. Especially in the food packaging industry, it has an advantage that other coding equipment cannot surpass.
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