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Food labeling printer complement each other with each other


Food labeling refers to words, symbols, numbers, and patterns that are pasted, printed, and printed on food or on their packaging to indicate the name of the food, the quality level, the quantity of the product, the method of eating or using, the producer or the seller, and the like. , QR code and other content. At present, the number of enterprises that use food labeling printer to code food packaging is increasing, and food safety has attracted the attention of the whole society. It has also made manufacturers pay more attention to and care for the marking of these products. Need to be clear and obvious, but also need a certain product anti-counterfeiting ability.

The use of food labeling printer to complete food labeling is also a common choice in the food industry. To use ink jet printers for marking requires need to  attention to ink safety. The food packaging code inkjet printer is environmentally friendly UV ink, safe and non-toxic. Arojet has a professional identification solution to ensure trouble-free operation of the production line. Whether it is shelf life, production batch number, QR code or other information, it can provide suitable identification solutions according to the actual needs of customers.

The UV series is specially developed for variable data printing. The food labeling printer are designed to lead the market,and always been at the high end of the food industry. In fact, independently develop and sold + QR code tracing source + printing equipment combination supporting program + scanning platform software system + full tracking anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system + enterprise informationization overall solution to achieve the entire printing process, and complement each other with each other, simple and perfect integration, guaranteed in multiple circulation links The quality of the coded data.

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