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Food packaging code inkjet printer effectively controls food safety


In the 21st century, with the continuous advancement of the times and the continuous development of the economy, people have a greater demand for better life quality and pay more and more attention to food safety. Thus, the launch of food packaging code inkjet printer has attracted great attention. Nowadays, ink-jet printers are very popular in the market. Arojet has a wealth of experience in the labeling industry, a variety of high-performing code printing machine, effective customization solution, and has won the trust of many customers.

Although the code printing is only a small part in the whole process, it greatly improves the production efficiency, saves labor, reduces the cost and product circulation time. It plays an important role in the tracking and management of product quality. In addition, it also helps enhance brand awareness. New technologies such as food vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, quick-freezing packaging, cold sterilization technology, and active packaging technology are used in the food packaging industry. These technologies, combined with such information as production date, shelf life, anti-counterfeiting 2D code, bar code printed on food packaging using food packaging code inkjet printing machine, greatly improve the monitor and control of product production and logistics, further guaranteeing the food safety.

The code inkjet printing machine prints variable information on the product or packaging. Arojet's food packaging code inkjet printer is UV mode, reliable anti-counterfeiting, easy to maintain, and can print both Chinese and English characters, bar code, data, electronic supervision code, variable 2D code, pattern, Chinese information code, quantum cloud code, rainbow code, quantum cloud code, spectral code and other contents. Get an inkjet coding machine to achieve the industry's cutting-edge printing results, let your products exceed the expectations of customers, and earn greater benefits.

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