Food cloud upgrade, coding equipment is indispensable

by:Arojet     2021-09-18
According to Taiwanese media reports, in order to strengthen food traceability and tracing capabilities, Taiwan has launched a food cloud upgrade service to improve food safety with pre-risk management, strengthened food industry internal control management, and quick grasp of problem food information. It has also been learned that the food cloud is scheduled to incorporate sugar and salt. , Starch, flour, soybeans, corn, wheat and other bulk materials, the food cloud that most people feel unfamiliar with is actually around us. Food Cloud is to establish a demonstration system of traceability and transparency from farm to table, and realize food traceability through four major systems: supermarket fresh food, chain catering, school group meal, and meat processing. Making the food production and circulation process transparent can not only build consumer confidence, but also prevent inferior products that harm people from flowing to the people's table. Use mobile phones to scan codes at any time to check food information to ensure food quality from the source of the food. The code here refers to the barcode and QR code on the product packaging. I believe everyone is no stranger to barcodes and QR codes, but who knows how barcodes and QR codes are produced? The Oulance inkjet printer manufacturer is here to answer for you. The application of the inkjet printer in food packaging identification The application of the inkjet printer in the identification of small food packaging The general small food packaging identification inkjet printer is called continuous jet inkjet printer, referred to as CIJ type, also known as small character continuous type Inkjet printer, it uses pressure to continuously eject ink from a single nozzle. After the crystal is oscillated, it breaks to form ink dots. After the ink dots are charged and deflected by high voltage, they scan on the surface of the moving object and print various kinds of ink. Barcodes and QR codes for graphics, text, and other information are also generated. The QR code, barcode and other information record the product information. Consumers only need to scan the corresponding QR code and barcode of the product with their mobile phone to see the product information. In the process of printing two-dimensional codes and barcodes with a printer, the most important point is to ensure the readability of the information. In terms of the readability of information, the inkjet printers developed and produced by Oulance inkjet printer manufacturers truly achieve high-definition and high-resolution inkjet coding effects.
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