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Focus on high-speed inkjet printing equipment printing efficiency _ printing, printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
Takeaway: the world's first successful application of inkjet printing principle of equipment was born in 1951, the Swedish Siemens company doctors and engineers developed by Elmqvist character inkjet printers. Strictly the printer should be controlled by computer, usually refers to computer or printer under the control of hard copy output devices. There are many kinds of ink-jet printing way, its basic principle is the first electronic computer storage of graphic information input to the flat-panel printers, again through the special device, under the control of the electronic computer, from the nozzle to the surface of substrates spray fog drops, according to the charge effect on the surface of substrates direct imaging, become the final print. The development of high-speed inkjet printing technology also makes its application situation there have been some new changes. On the one hand, high-speed inkjet printing equipment installed capacity in the increased significantly. At present, h-p T series high-speed inkjet printing equipment of the global installed capacity has reached more than 60 units, screen high-speed inkjet printing equipment installed capacity is more than 410 units. According to InfoTrends is expected by the end of 2013, the global use of color inkjet printing equipment will amount to 500 units at a high speed. High-speed inkjet printing equipment performance improvement, on the other hand, make its application fields are also expanding. In the condition of the domestic high-speed inkjet printing applications, for example, according to 'digital printing in China survey statistics, 2010 years ago, high-speed inkjet printing in the field of domestic used in bills print, but 2011 years later, the situation changed, especially since 2012, jingshi printing, jinghua tiger color, it digital are carried out print-on-demand printing introduced different brands and models of high-speed inkjet printing equipment, to the printing industry more looking forward to. In addition, some high-speed inkjet printing equipment, such as series of HPT, kodak Prosper series is equipped with online coating device, thereby significantly expanded high-speed inkjet printing equipment the applicable scope of the paper. Second, a breakthrough in high-speed inkjet printing consumables. On paper, at the moment, UPM, mitsubishi paper paper giants such as for high-speed ink-jet printing paper shows enthusiasm, phoenix group, as even the user's own high-speed inkjet printing technology research and development of the technology by 'phoenix paper, at the same time, companies such as HP, kodak also launched ColorPro certification, ProsperPaperRatingSystem tools to help customers to choose the appropriate paper; In ink, more environmentally friendly UV and water-based ink become main direction of the high-speed inkjet ink, particularly in the water-based ink printing density, water proofing property, telegraphing, durability and other aspects have made great progress. Again, after printing facilities and the solution is more and more perfect. Drupa2012 on many digital printing equipment are realized with high-speed inkjet printing equipment after the attachment of production. RotaJET76 online with global group company, for example, production of martini SigmaLine digital production systems, etc. In many printers, ink jet technology does to the traditional printing technology have played an important role in perfecting the complementary. In other printers, ink jet technology that play the role of far less than expected by people. If we look at the screen printing sector, you will see the progress of science and technology have been able to make people use inkjet technology to produce a large number of live parts, so it can now compete with silk screen printing in the field of short version live. At the same time, direct plate-making technology has effectively shorten the cycle of offset lithography. This forces screen printers when deciding what the next step will be investment technology to analyze their own business model. China packaging printing machinery network
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