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Fixing the nozzle of the printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Generally, when using the inkjet printer, the nozzles of the inkjet printer need to be fixed, because the fixed inkjet printer nozzle can resist some vibration or shaking on the production line, so as to ensure the stability of the inkjet marking effect and ensure the marking. Clarity and completeness. We all know that the inkjet printer uses electrostatic deflection to generate the ink trajectory. The ink uses dots and dots to compose every detail of the logo. Therefore, when the printer nozzle is fixed, there is a fixed distance, which is the distance between the nozzle and the product packaging surface. The limitation of this distance has a very important relationship with the marking effect of the printer. The characters of the inkjet printer are dot matrix, and the number of printing lines is usually used to represent the width of the inkjet printer characters, and the general character width needs to be within a certain range. When we fix the nozzle of the inkjet printer, we must fully ensure the clarity of the logo. To complete some complex logos, we need to strictly control these aspects. The fixed distance of the inkjet printer head is strictly controlled, so for many products, the longer the distance, the more convenient the use of the production line, but the distance will affect the effect of the characters, and the farther it will cause the deformation of the characters. Comes with bad results. We need to fully neutralize the relationship between the two when designing the installation of the inkjet printer, so that the effect and use can be better integrated.
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