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First there is a seed anti-counterfeiting traceability system and then a coding and marking equipment

by:Arojet     2021-08-01
The transformation of the seed industry began in September 2016 since the state issued the relevant documents for the implementation of the one-item one-code anti-counterfeiting traceability system for the seed industry, so far the anti-counterfeiting traceability of the seed industry has officially begun. There are many types of packaging for seed companies, the more common ones are packaging bags, packaging boxes, metal cans, etc. After the policy has strengthened the supervision of the seed industry, the anti-counterfeiting traceability information QR code is listed as one of the important signs for better cooperation Printing companies improve production efficiency and adopt UV coding technology. Seed marking and coding equipment can be freely installed in slitting machines/pagers/quality inspection machines/bag making machines/cans, etc. The seed marking and coding equipment has a clear print content. The dimensional code recognition rate is high, and the cost of consumables is highly controllable. Seed marking and coding equipment is a very cost-effective inkjet printer with complete functions, such as printing QR code information, production date, batch number, and so on. It can print the production date, batch number, etc. while printing the variable two-dimensional code data. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and the maintenance is extremely simple. It does not need to spend too much investment in personnel and capital costs to complete the code assignment of corporate packaging bags, carton labels, and metal cans. AROJET UV inkjet printer suppliers always uphold quality first, customer first, always master high-end precision core technology, superb manufacturing technology and product quality control, and use our professional services to help customers create higher value. I hope to develop together with this kind of enterprises and make continuous progress towards success together.
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