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First built by the world bank printing new media agencies, print change _ printing, new media, the ink jet

by:Arojet     2021-05-11
Takeaway: today, the world bank group ( 世行集团) Print media institution, ink-jet printing industry is a new change. The world bank group is made up of 188 countries of the world's major multilateral development agencies, it across the world to provide financing and technical assistance to developing countries its printing multimedia services by providing high quality printing products and digital media services to enhance the external communication and service. According to the world bank group printing JimmyVainstein multimedia department project manager, the department of printing mainly produces internal operation, often require 24 hour turnaround. And most of the work will be reflected in the factory, in the form of digital focus on operation, determined to build, to better meet the requirements of all departments and organizations of the world bank. The department project manager, although we have toner equipment, but not any pricing or reduce competition service levels. We need a solution, so that we can run up to 250000 pages of rapid turnover, and with competitive price, high quality to work, and deal with a lot of small version of the task. Made available through Vainstein, according to the department of printing solution detailed market research, and issued a RFP ( Rapid filling period) Production line, eventually determine a complete production of inkjet printer finishing line is a good investment. , in the mid - 2013 - HP T230 color inkjet rotary press hardcover after advanced printing production line installation and update process. This equipment not only makes us run length to 250000 pages, and compared with previous toner device to reduce the cost of 20%, and has a faster turnaround. Vainstein said, in the past we clearly see, 2010 - 2013 the overall sales fell by about 35%. The printing press from June 2013 to give full play to the function, at the end of this year rose 21%, and increased by 15% in 2014. It put us back to 2010 levels, let us see more growth opportunities in the future. Printing DavidLeonard adds, multimedia department manager if there is no this investment, I think we will focus on our multimedia business printing costs, it will miss the opportunity to install the new printing machine for production reserves. Now we have a powerful print components to realize the real multimedia operation, the designer can use the same theme to create products for many events, conferences and other activities, with different ways of output, including publications, posters, digital signage, video and so on. Vainstein point out that if the previous configuration, the unit can't produce to meet the requirements of the world bank's quality and volume business books, but now has achieved this. Vainstein also for nearly produce for Angola children's books to feel very proud. Vainstein said 200000 pages require specific printing, very excited to be able to help this important area to complete the project, but also a large number of saves manpower and financial resources, for the printing industry has injected new blood and life. The world bank group to form printing new media agencies, will bring to our daily life more wonderful services and more quality of life, believe that the future of the printing industry will also to the next level. China packaging net China packaging net
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