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Fertilizer woven bag marking inkjet printer is fully automatic and more portable

by:Arojet     2021-07-31
Guangdong Dongguan Changan chemical fertilizer woven bag marking inkjet printer, Guangdong Arnoldjet inkjet printer manufacturer with high-quality products from advanced design, reliable production methods, selected accessories and strict management, Guangdong Arnoldjet innovation and development plan In the process of repeated application and practice by many customers, there are new ideas and creations, combined with a new round of problems encountered in the research and development process of general technology, so far, thousands of customers have used our inkjet equipment. Arnoldage chemical fertilizer woven bag variable data coding system, two-dimensional codes are often used in anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling and other fields. With the increasing demand for product promotion, there is a demand for variable data printing on flexible product packaging (woven bags) Also popularized. In response to this market demand and combining its own successful experience in the labeling field, Arnold u0026 Gem launched a SP-9000 specifically for printing variable information on wide-width woven bags, which has been successfully applied to the salt industry, food and other outer packaging. Code, won the praise of consumers. The woven bag printer system can print personalized information on the surface of the substrate, including Chinese, English, numbers, one-dimensional, two-dimensional codes, variable pictures, garbled codes, databases, anti-counterfeiting codes, etc. The equipment is fully automatic, high-speed, high-precision, large-width processing, all imported industrial zone piezoelectric nozzles, roll-to-roll printing and paper feeding mode, printing inks are black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green. Imported environmental protection UV ink.
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