Facing disorderly market competition, printer manufacturers and enterprises need to establish brand competitiveness

by:Arojet     2021-09-18
After experiencing rapid development, the shortcomings of the inkjet printer industry have gradually emerged. The industry is homogenized, price wars are fierce, product quality is uneven, etc., lacking a differentiated market, and companies with insufficient innovation are often difficult to get ahead. Inkjet printer manufacturers and enterprises need to establish brand competitiveness. In the face of disorderly market competition, enterprises should establish core competitiveness, and brand competition has become an important part of core competitiveness. In the increasingly turbulent and changeable market conditions, the company's brand has become the key to winning customer loyalty and the company's long-term survival and growth. In the global environment, the core competitiveness of modern enterprises has been increasingly linked with the competitiveness of product brands. The relationship between the two is mutually restricted and interdependent. This is a Chinese enterprise after joining the WTO. One must stay awake. The development of the times requires the establishment of the core competitiveness of the brand. The core competitiveness of an enterprise refers to the key elements for the survival and development of an enterprise, such as certain technologies, skills and management mechanisms. A continuously successful company must have its core capabilities. This capability needs to be developed, cultivated, continuously consolidated and updated, because even if the core competitiveness is established, it may be disintegrated. How to maintain the competitiveness of an enterprise has become an important issue in enterprise management. Brand competitiveness is the performance of commercialization of corporate competitiveness in the market, and it can also be said to be the performance of materialization of corporate competitiveness. Enterprises need to establish industry competitiveness first. To establish the core competitiveness of the brand, they must first establish the competitiveness of the industry. The things that become the core competitiveness of an enterprise must be unique. According to the experts’ point of view, it is “not to buy”, “to steal”, “not to be taken apart”, “to take away” and “not to slip away”. In other words, the core resources needed must have such characteristics: there is no market to buy; there must be legal protection; the resources themselves and capabilities are complementary; they are organized and not personal; they have continuous competitiveness. Brand is an intangible asset for enterprises. In the era of brand competition, its significance and importance are self-evident. Therefore, companies still need to think more and spend more energy on brand building.
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