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Explore printing machine nozzle clogging of the nine main reason _ printing, printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Why the machine nozzle jam? When spray painting machine is out of ink, cause body content lack of color, are usually called nozzle blockage, are the main factors influencing the image quality and yield. Jam, of course, the reason is various, generally has the following several ways: 1, the ink in the nozzle accumulated to a certain extent in the outside the nozzle clogging: is a common way of congestion, because the ink solvents have to evaporate into the air to make the picture is dry, so that the ink is a volatile liquid, in the air can evaporate and the norm of the solid. Spray holes in the fabric painting, always in the peripheral part of residual ink, in this part of the ink dry slowly in the air can make the spray nozzle has shrunk even obstructed aperture, but because it is the outside of the nozzle, it is easy to clean, that is why we often clean the cause of the nozzle. 2, piezoelectric crystal damage: not sure nozzle spray ink, general piezoelectric nozzle can be used for about a year, in the print work many factories may also use less than a year is also normal. 3, piezoelectric crystal fatigue damage: phenomenon of nozzle inkjet sometimes, sometimes not spraying ink, especially in the large amount of inkjet ( The spray dark images) Jam phenomenon is obvious, as a good approach is to replace a new nozzle. 4, inside the nozzle filter blockage caused by nozzle out ink: use long nozzle, especially in the print task not full stop factories often at night, the ink does not flow in the nozzle for a long time, easy adsorption in the internal wall of mesh or ink, the ink flow the cross-sectional area of the smaller phenomenon, also could not cause of nozzle ink now dedicated equipment can help you to solve the problem of nozzle of this. 5, ink viscosity is too high or too low, ink viscosity is too high to make the ink liquidity is poor, nozzle jet of water ink per unit time is not enough; Ink viscosity is too low, which is too thin, easy to piezoelectric crystals in the nozzle back to smoke inhaled air, not the ink absorption, to gush out of the air; Both can cause nozzle is out of ink. This often require the customer is the environment is very important to store the ink, using ink should be placed before the use of ink for the environment more than 24 hours, because the ink is highly likely to be placed in the low temperature viscosity, viscosity and high temperature will become very low, the viscosity difference is very big, once a greater difference between viscosity ink mixing, when using can cause gush out ink. Organization/group 6, drive circuit fault: the power circuit of the electronic components ageing and savings too much dry ink dirt, is likely to affect the voltage of driving nozzle, nozzle is not caused by the ink or ink is not stable. Categories: part of the 7, ink manufacturers ink due to improper control of the quantity of desiccant, dry fast, easy cause ink in external jams, although you can clean, but cleaning intervals are frequent, once for a long time do not use the nozzle without timely protection of nozzle, the next time painting that may causes the damage of nozzle sex. 8, frequent replacement ink: replacing ink, in many cases could not protect the nozzle, may also affect nozzle ink-jet state. 9, machine using the environment temperature and humidity: general advice is 22 ~ 25 degrees temperature, humidity 40 ~ 70%, high and low temperature affect the ink viscosity, produces the phenomenon of lack of ink or paste head phenomenon, often mistaken for nozzle clogging.
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