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Eva shares will be set up in tianjin jian hao cloud printing technology co. , LTD. Their cloud printing _ cloud, the industrial chain, double color digital inkjet printer _

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
Night on December 24, Eva stock of foreign investment announcement said will invest 20 million yuan to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of tianjin jian hao cloud printing technology co. , LTD. , is engaged in the cloud printing and related products of technology development, production and sales. Visible cloud printing has been slowly from concept to reality. Cloud printing is based on the cloud computing business model application processing, printing management, the floorboard of the cloud platform, is the organic combination of printing technology and digital information technology. As such an abstract concept, at present in China is also very few companies through it as a part of the industrial chain to extend. But Eva shares proposed in tianjin beichen science and technology park with their own capital of 20 million yuan investment to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of tianjin jian hao cloud printing technology co. , LTD. , is engaged in the cloud printing and related products of technology development, production and sales. Masterwork Machinery Co. , Ltd is a professional production and sales of post-press equipment of high-tech enterprises, with independent development in the field of printing, post-press equipment developed technical strength. This means that the company on the basis of original post-press equipment. A hierarchy will own industrial chain to expand again. Eva stock management idea and development strategy, industry chain gradually expand laid the foundations for today's achievement, will also have the development in the future. Company started with production business card machine, bronzing machine, die-cutting machine, pasting box machines and other packaging and printing post-press equipment sales accounted for 90%, its domestic market space is controlled 3. 5 billion yuan, so the market worried about its long-term growth. So in order to obtain the considerable development space, the company decided to enter the cloud printing field. In addition to our previous 'evergreen co ( 300195). The depth of the report - Internationalization and product development breakthrough new space 'tells the internationalization of domestic consumption upgrades and two layers of space, the company in recent years, frequent make industrial chain expansion, mainly including: ( 1) Used to print automatic inspection of goods machine, instead of manual labor, have been waiting all shares tobacco users, is expected to achieve sales revenue 25 million yuan this year, will be rapid growth in the next year or two; ( 2) Double color digital ink jet printing machine has sales, multi-color products are developing stage, due to the product market space is greater than the post-press equipment, and in line with the printing equipment in the future development trend, good long-term development space; ( 3) Company has make a public announcement on December 24, paper battery manufacture stage success, the technology is still in the groping stage, international frontier reserves sex products, the company is currently with tobacco customers consultation trial; ( 4) Today's announcement of the investment to set up a wholly owned subsidiary, into the cloud printing field. Eva co the jian hao cloud printing co. , LTD. , a wholly owned subsidiary tianjin also committed to printing cloud service platform construction, operational headquarters to set up the cloud printing mode, realize the cloud printing industrialization in China. Aimed at on the basis of years of cultivation in the field of printing equipment, at the same time is the development of the coordinated development of digital ink jet printing machine business. China packaging printing machinery network
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