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Eva shares to continue the suspension control into the printer ink-jet printer market

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
With the development of economy, the printing industry into the transformation and upgrading, innovation has become now the main melody in the printing industry. Recently, the Eva co said it will set up joint venture with WoSiJie Eva digital technology co. , LTD. Tianjin, cooperation development of ink-jet printing machine market. Late October 11, Eva WoSiJie joint-stock company bulletin and Beijing science and technology co. , LTD. Invested 5 million yuan ( The company paid 4 million yuan) Tianjin Eva digital technology co. , LTD. , was established, the cooperation development of ink-jet printing machine market. The company continued to suspension, the material assets reorganization is not over. Inkjet printing cloud; ; The innovation of the printing industry, company or will become the new leader. With personalized demand rise, short version printing, variable content become the printing industry is facing new challenges, the company strategic layout of inkjet printing and cloud, is expected to become the leader from equipment to service the new generation of printing. Attract industry advantage in research and development, sales team, rapid implementation in the field of extension. Companies to develop prototype in the downstream customer feedback is good, at present market hot spot application industry mainly in the pharmaceutical industry supervision code printing field. The cooperation with WoSiJie equates to receive the team directly to the company, research and development ability greatly ascend, is expected to accelerate industrialization process. Digital ink jet printing machine which can replace offset printing, large market potential. Digital printing has accounted for 42% in the year 2012, only about 10% of our country. 2012 $3 billion global digital printing equipment, printing equipment proportion of only 14%, less than half of the digital printing ink jet printing, to the 2020 global inkjet printing equipment market is expected to reach $12 billion. Inkjet printing market in China is still in the incubation periods. At present, the digital printing machine installed capacity of less than one thousand, 2012, on behalf of the future development direction of high speed continuous paper print ink jet printer sales only nine digital, and included in the digital printing branch of China printing technology association survey statistics only foreign brands, the market is still in nurturing stage. In 2013 and 2014, the company is expected to EPS 1 respectively. 25, 1. 57 yuan, the corresponding P/E of 21 respectively. 17岁的6倍。 2X。 We are optimistic about the company in the era of digital printing to seize market upgrade change trend, from the post-press equipment to the cloud printing ink jet printing, to achieve industrial upgrading. Maintain recommended rating. China packaging printing machinery network
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