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Environmentally friendly ink packaging printer can be applied in many industries


The ink of the printer uses water-based ink, oil-based ink, invisible ink, it has a wide range of printing materials, and has anti-scratch and anti-alcohol effect.. Arojet has more than ten years of experience in the marking industry, providing environmentally friendly ink packaging printers that provide safe, secure and reliable product identification for all sectors of society, especially for industrial identification and tracing applications. Printer marking product and tracing system provider.

The UV ink is sprayed and dried, and the cured ink layer has high hardness, good adhesion, scrub resistance, solvent resistance and high gloss. Arojet's technology and comprehensive solutions, independently research and development of various models of environmentally friendly ink packaging inkjet printers according to market demand, such as high-end X1 inkjet equipment using industrial grade on-demand piezo inkjet technology, patented nozzle structure Design, secure software assurance technology, unique ink path control technology, modular structure design and other technologies. Users who intend to use package content inkjet printers usually require that the identification information such as QR code, barcode, and pattern be firmly attached, water and scratch resistant, and the scanning reading rate is high, which fully embodies the value of UV machine.

Environmentally friendly ink packaging printer are widely used in the industry, especially metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, paper, film, flexible packaging, cards, cartons and other materials can be printed on the surface, and can achieve good printing results. The longitudinal precision of  nozzleof the Arojet inkjet printer series is360DPI-1200DPI, the lateral precision is 200DPI-1200DPI, the printing direction has side printing and downward printing, and the industrial piezoelectric nozzle is fully used. The software supports the second development. Equipped with environmentally friendly UV ink and LED UV curing lamp, negative pressure ink path control, positive pressure nozzle cleaning, single sheet and package paper feeding direction, more convenient and quick to install on different kind of platforms for simultaneous use.

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