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Enterprise operation cost, so on the premise of the same costs, businesses tend to be more tend to choose convenient and rapid, green environmental protection production equipment. But in a different

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Such as, companies tend to costs as the first consideration. It is because the universal existence of such a situation, new printing equipment and the way to slow down the pace of their advance. New things tend to be built on the basis of high cost of inputs. With the development of science and technology, many new ways constantly printing, but because companies have to cut costs, they do not get rapid development. We will tally up the arrested development of the printing way because of the cost issues. Inkjet printing has been predicted for offset printing killer, but in recent years, sales of offset press is much bigger than inkjet printers. So far, most of inkjet printers are installed in the field of enterprise publishing, where the transactional printing is by converted to black and white color. Newspapers and magazines have not been using digital printing and inkjet printer in direct mail or fewer books printing market sales. In order to make the ink jet business market becomes mature, supplier must provide suitable materials. At present, inkjet printing requires the use of special substrates or to deal with substrates, to make the ink printed good quality and can't be infiltration. The price is about 30% higher than ordinary gelatine printing paper substrates. At the same time, the ink supplied only by inkjet machine manufacturer, the prices are also expensive. Although supplier and paper mills are trying to solve the problem of paper and ink prices, but will have to wait until the demand increase, the price to fall, it may need to last for a long time. Digital printing as a born after traditional offset printing technology, is often hailed as a new word. Although it has come more than 20 years of development, but with traditional offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing process, compared to still a bit too small. Digital printing technology and the market is not mature, the challenges faced by equipment manufacturing enterprises is whether it can have enough money to research and development. Now the digital printing equipment is more expensive, digital printing to develop faster, must reduce the cost. But for printing equipment manufacturing enterprises, it is not easy. Specifically, for a kind of new technology research and development, there is a lot of investment, because of the digital printing is a very complicated process, so its development is very complex, is usually r&d investment in the digital printing to offset printing r&d about 20 times. With the continuous improvement of the digital printing equipment and constantly improve the output quality, print quality is no longer affect the main reason for the digital printing applications. Ordinary consumers basic it's hard to see on the offset press products and in the digital printing machine on the production of products is how quality difference between them is through these products on the passed out of the emotional and practical production cost. In addition to small printing enterprise vicious competition, caused the domestic traditional printing and digital printing feng shui ridge is far lower than international level is another reason why the cost of digital printing, the cost is a big problem for the further development of digital printing in China. Although the cost of digital printing has been falling in recent years, but there is still a big gap between the compared with offset printing. Any one technology from birth to mature and will stand the test of the market economy, the digital printing is no exception. Although it has a high speed, high flexibility and the advantages of the site without limit, but if it costs more than the capacity of consumers, it is impossible to get a massive applications, especially in the case of compete with traditional offset printing, but also will be at a disadvantage. 3 d printing is a conceptual way of printing, from concept to things, it has been the development, but to truly realize common people still have a long way. 3 d printing development momentum, but in a short time, it cannot compete with industrial production, and although it has entered family of some ordinary people, but it is to get on a large scale promotion, especially for developing countries such as China consumer recognition, also need to break through several bottlenecks: the high cost of raw materials; Types of need too much; Compared with some of the more expensive equipment, the quality of the 3 d desktop printer slightly inferior; Small, in China, for example, China has a lot of cheap labor and other cost advantages, so in a short time, it is difficult to large-scale 3 d technology by higher costs; Many 3 d printer manufacturers lack of competitive products, unable to produce fine components. Compared with large quantities of industrial production, the cost of 3 d printing is much higher. Although consumers can at home than in the supermarket to buy a plate to 30 times higher price to print a personalized plates, but they are from a cost point of view do not choose to do so. Similarly, although a lot of people have the ability to print novels and books at home, but because through online or local bookstore to buy books directly to more cheaper, so most people choose to buy books instead of printed books. To sum up, the printing way to achieve rapid development, in addition to the quality guarantee, also need to provide convenience for enterprise on costs.
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