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End of the road where the kodak is the future of _ kodak, digital printing, inkjet printing system

by:Arojet     2021-04-28
Kodak's dominance died under the impact of the digital printing technology, the former hero towards the end of the road, although it did not want to man Roland apart, but also took to the road to sell it in the future? Kodak will be in the future? Industry thinks, engaged in color printing, the field focus and packaging, advertising products such as rapid inkjet printing is kodak is the future. Kodak was announced, after filed for bankruptcy protection to 5. The $2. 5 billion sale of its 1100 items. Kodak is the sale transaction and IntellectualVentures and the RPX company leadership group's agreement, to participate in the acquisition of companies, including Facebook, amazon, Microsoft, Google and apple, RIM, huawei, samsung, Fuji, Adobe, HTC and Shutterfly12 giant IT home. Kodak has involved more than 1100 digital photos capture, processing and sharing, before consulting company's 284 partners, the valuation is $2. 6 billion, 12 companies will split the authorization. Of course, as a veteran film enterprises, kodak has some money, in addition to the sale of 1100, kodak and as many as 9600. In addition, kodak is the world's top three ink jet color printing system manufacturers. The industry believe that kodak or can be the road to recovery with this business. Kodak's existing Prosper5000XLPress is one of the color inkjet printing equipment industry advanced, with 24 printing 20 meters per second. The ability of 5 inches wide packaging, advertising paper, high printing accuracy can reach 175 lines per inch, which is 175 lpi, printable medium range from the common newsprint to weigh up to 300 grams per square meter of the layer of paper. Kodak's current President Mr Perez ( AntonioPerez) Also said that sell 5. Part of the $2. 5 billion, of which will be used to repay existing debts, so as to meet the refinancing conditions. The rest will be used to promote business development in the field of imaging. China packaging printing machinery network
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