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Egg surface coding equipment is environmentally friendly and safe

by:Arojet     2021-07-28
With the improvement of public food safety awareness and the increasing strengthening of relevant national laws and regulations, higher requirements have been placed on the labeling of egg products. The highest printing speed and the most comprehensive interface function of the egg surface coding equipment enable it to be used for various types of egg products. The inspection and classification equipment is connected to ensure high-speed and high-quality logo printing. The so-called egg, because its nutrition is very suitable for the needs of the human body, is easy to absorb, and the price is close to the people, it is the most common food in life. With the gradual improvement of living standards and consumption power, people are paying more and more attention to healthy eating. This is why we see that more and more eggs in the market now have ink-jet coding logos, indicating the brand, date, origin, two-dimensional code, etc. This is the ID card of the egg, and the coded eggs indicate that they have been selected. Cleaning and drying are all qualified products. Buyers can choose green, safe and healthy eggs at a glance when choosing eggs. Therefore, eggs printed on the surface of the eggs are environmentally friendly and safe. Consumers can’t help but worry that the ink on the eggs will affect the quality of the eggs or have safety issues. The inks on the eggs are all food-grade environmentally friendly inks. Many food-grade inks are printed on the eggs to face the quality and consumption of the eggs. Any impact. The consumables (ink, cleaning agent, thinner, moisturizing liquid) of Arnoldjet egg inkjet printer are all green and environmentally friendly consumables that have been sampled and tested by SGS.
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