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EFI win VUTEk inkjet technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
< P > a few days ago, EFI company announced that the company with the ritual company ( 莱格 Platt,Inc. ) Court battle won a full victory, EFI VUTEk also defended its super wide inkjet printers have intellectual property rights. In Washington, d. c. , the federal district court ruled that the ritual of company ( The United States No. 6755518). As invalid, the resulting alleged infringement. The lawsuit event was initiated by gift company. During May 2005 EFI acquisition VUTEk, gift company to eastern Missouri court, said VUTEk using UV ink curing technology violated gift company. While the EFI company insists that VUTEk created this application form first, and questioned on UV technology has a problem. A federal judge on the EFI side this time, that VUTEk UV curing methods belong to create, and is the first to apply for the United States ( No. 6457823 and 6616355) 。 As a result, the judge found the ritual company charges in case the whole content of EFI is invalid. Win the lawsuit, EFI can also continue to sell its innovative new generation of UV wide inkjet printers and ink, including VUTEkQS2000, VUTEkQS3200 and VUTEkQS3200R etc series products. Now these a few products have been listed in the world. Win the lawsuit, also for the development of the whole digital UV printing market, has brought the new vitality. Press conference of the Chinese national standard (gb) establishment of large-format inkjet printer < / P >
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