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EFI _EFI sales hit a record three years of double-digit growth, ultra wide format inkjet printers, printer

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
Foreign media news: digital printing experts the EFI company turnover year-on-year growth of 10% in 2012, this is our for three consecutive years of double-digit growth. EFI eager for 2013. EFI company executive said GuyGecht excited. In the end on December 31, 2012 in the fourth quarter, EFI company reported revenue of 1. The $74. 1 billion, year-on-year growth of 7% over the same period in 2011. Annual turnover has hit record, up to 6. $52. 1 billion year-on-year growth rate of 10% in 2011. EFI is the provider of digital controller and ultra wide format inkjet printers, as well as for business and all printing user management solution for developers. Today more than 1. 2 million users worldwide through EFIFiery technology won a digital color printing. More than 4000 printers and designers are using the Best technology as the core of EFI digital proofing solution for realistic color proofing. At the same time, EFIVUTEK technology is helping more than 1500 printers expand operating a huge digital inkjet business. China packaging printing machinery network integration
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