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EFI and pittman company signed inkjet equipment distribution

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
< P > EFI company has it own Jetrion series inkjet system and north American printing equipment supplier pitman ( 皮特曼) The company signed a distribution agreement. Besides Jetrion4000 printing presses, the agreement also contains a series of Jetrion monochrome printing system, they can be installed in flexographic printing press or rewinding machine, bring all kinds of label printing real-time ability of variable data printing. Jetrion4000UV ink-jet system bring to label factory a reasonably priced color narrow web printing solutions. The device of high speed and resolution of 30 respectively. 5 m/min and 1000 dpi, and 13. 9 cm wide substrates on high quality label printing; For printing number higher than 50000 printing of live parts, it is also the ideal alternative to carbon powder type digital printer. Jetrion4000UV ink-jet system USES a JetrionUV4000 inks, it not only bring the print to a super durability, but also can reduce the print for the need of laminating. 'X' trip to win - — Fuji xerox printers caravan tour start < / P >'
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