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Durst launched high super wide roll inkjet printer, printer, printer _ dynamic technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
Durst in ultra wide wide commercial market made preliminary progress, Amsterdam FESPA images show business, the company introduced five meters wide Rho 500 r scroll of UV inkjet printers. Rho contain 500 r new digital imaging, working process and operating technology, providing innovative and challenge of wide wide image printing. Machine printing area is 400 square meters, printing speed to 4300 square feet per hour, also can print 3 1 at the same time. 6 m image, color ink cartridge with 600 dpi resolution output high quality print.

Rho UV Ink used in the 500 r Rho Roll Ink is not completely volatile organic compounds, by Nordic Swan certification, comply with the strict environmental requirements.

Rho 500 r printing precision and quality in the industry: yes, the machine transportation system with high precision, and new print head Quadro30D array technology driven by linear motor, each color nozzle is 2048, the number doubled, ink temperature control inside the nozzle to adapt to the environment. Machine with a built-in laser sensors and specially designed media delivery system, makes the machine can automatically solve the problem. Jitter and intelligence, and low production cost and ink consumption, makes Rho 500 r ever a printer.

it another humanized design is that a global user support parameters can be set up through the software needed to print, and copy the preservation.

the machine structure is improved, using laser technology to increase section shaft, to prevent the fuselage sag, and the machine is made of special aluminum alloy.

Durst says: Rho 500 r is an automatic operation, less ink consumption, operation cost is low rate of machine work process. We are very proud and times into the super wide wide market and have achieved very good achievement. No matter from which aspect to measure ( Image quality, productivity, the use of simple, reliability, multifunction, the cost of production, the production efficiency and environmental protection) Rho, 500 r is better than other machine.

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