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Dual fit _EFI EFI digital printing screen printing and offset printing? VUTEk HS100 Pro, screen printing, offset printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
【 Pphan abstract 】 As the world's big UV ink manufacturers, EFI products not only constrained by the ink manufacturing a single field. EFI inkjet printer for global events production of all kinds of advertisements and identity; EFI labels printed matter greatly cut the label production standard cost; EFI is committed to in the innovation of ceramic industry development, in the form of digital printing on the ceramic tile printing & hellip; … With inkjet printing solutions, EFI is lucrative business of digital printing field. EFI吗? VUTEk HS100 Pro high-speed digital UV printing presses EFI™ VUTEkHS100Pro is EFI company launched a powerful simulation equipment replacement machine. This device not only improves short business profits, compared with the simulation equipment, reduces the cost of single long version business more. HS100Pro using Orion operating system, to ensure to meet customer demand for color and consistency. In printing ink, service, technical support and terminal under favourable guarantee of digital printing process and other aspects, HS100Pro increase a lot of business profits, reduced the production cost, bring new benefits for our customers. The productivity of innovation as a 3. 2 m digital UV printing presses, HS100Pro sheet can handle more than 100 copies per hour, in high precision upon poster mode, also can handle 50 sheets per hour. High-speed, HS100Pro also think of the cost of customer, by slashing jobs versioning, regionalization and personalized preparation time, greatly reduce the cost of each print. Moreover, HS100Pro itself has the characteristics of, can reduce waste and downtime, don't need to increase labor costs. Innovation of image quality HS100Pro is an 8 colors using real gray-scale technology of printing equipment, adopted the solidification cooling technology of innovation, to ensure that the ink layer, improves the image quality and production speed, improve gloss controls and expand more wide color gamut range and the output and reduce human error. Innovation of the digital economy HS100Pro using digital imaging and printing ink transfer system, reduce the ink dosage, thus indirectly reduce the overall cost. Advanced warning and detection system, can to low down time, reduce waste and potential losses. HS100Pro digital UV technology, suitable for long and short board, the editions of more versions and localization of printing needs. Multiple queue at the user interface function can run multiple assignments at the same time, don't need to split a large file. FieryXFRIP and two-way communication between VUTEk system function, can accept each printing work of audit information. In addition, due to its strong industrial design, apply Yu Quantian operation. High speed digital UV printing presses EFI™ VUTEkHS100Pro, is an innovative digital inkjet printing, both the productivity of the silk screen printing and offset printing picture quality. To ensure its high productivity at the same time, also ensure the superior quality. hc360
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