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Drupa 2008, kodak show level lithographic ink jet technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
Germany, Dusseldorf, kodak will launch the kodak Stream over drew ba 2008 Print concept, show continuous ink jet printing technology: the next generation of kodak Stream inkjet printing technology. < P > full-color, high-speed StreamPrint concept will demonstrate how continuous ink jet printing technology in the commercial application level lithography for quality, productivity and cost. Stream printing has more than 600 dpi resolution, small size, high accuracy of drops of ink and ink layout, and the fast production speed of more than 500 frames per minute. < / P > < P > continuous inkjet technology is transferred to the new market, focus on the need to very high output of commercial printers. Stream technology will be used as the basis of commercial printers into continuous inkjet printing, the printer of output per month in ten million or above and hope to the advantage of digital printing, such as variable data, short stroke, personalized, or versioning, into usually use offset printing production work. < / P > < P > 'Stream technology and kodak color management, work flow, ink and substrate combination of professional technology, will be combined to provide business offset lithography business of digital printing solutions. 'Kodak inkjet printing solutions sidreRosello department general manager, said:' a lithographic level of quality, reliability, throughput and operating costs, the advantages of Stream technology will be a unique platform, can let more printers by inkjet technology make full use of the advantage of growth opportunities. '< / P > < P > in addition to Stream ink-jet printing system, Stream concept kodak in ink and printing will also make full use of the development of the medium, based on the pigment ink for commercial printers, the ink can provide excellent color saturation, and persistence. Continuous inkjet printers, before use full color dyeing water ink cannot be used or the high cost of inkjet coating substrate, printing on the uncoated paper. < / P > < P > Stream technology will be able to let the customer use either a coating or without coating more substrate options, production of a wider range of products. < / P > < P > Stream concept printing has been kodak in Dayton, Ohio facility shows a selection of the company. < / P > < P > 'Stream technology will bring a lot of exciting reform in this industry, and the technology demonstration will show its breathtaking lithographic solution. 'Kodak inkjet printing solutions division vice President of marketing RonenCohen said:' the Stream technology provide many flexible function, can satisfy commercial printers in direct mail, catalogs and advertising inset of application requirements, etc. < / P > < P > Stream technology is to consolidate the kodak's leadership in the inkjet technology innovation one of the foundation. In Dayton demonstration of feedback is quite good. '< / P > < P > Stream concept kodak inkjet printing technology demonstration and other products, will be drew the no. 5 exhibition hall of 2008 kodak D01 area displays excellent present. < / P > < P > kodak products backed by kodak 'services and support'. Kodak 'service and support' in 120 countries distribution 3000 experts, this institutions across vendors, provides integrated service, full consultation, installation, maintenance and support services, covering commercial printing, graphic images, commercial imaging, data storage, and other industries. Kodak 'services and support' experts with rich professional knowledge, will spare no effort to help customers control costs, increase productivity and reduce business risk. < / P >
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